Whenever possible, the full text of each conference of the Center is published on this page (to read, click on the title).

Descripción: Andre Klump offers a summary of the particularities of Dominican Spanish and explains how this language influences Dominican identity not only in the Dominican Republic, but also in the United States and Spain, key locations of the Dominican diaspora.

Descripción: The fruit of more than a decade of study, this conference offers an original and provocative contribution to our understanding of the ideological foundations of the Holocaust. Drawing on the little-studied sayings and writings of the Nazi elite, Cyprian Blamires calls our attention to the "elephant in the room" in the garden of Holocaust and anti-Semitic studies. Blamires claims that, in part, the horrors of the Holocaust were the offspring of this elephant, but his argument also has revolutionary implications for our understanding of all the Western philosophical tradition.

Professor Mario Sznajder of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers comments.

Descripción: Since the boom of post-modernism, race and gender have become sine qua non analytical elements of the humanities and social sciences, but age is an aspect that is often totally neglected. There is no doubt, however, that our perceptions of age and the passage of time are cultural constructions. In this original and masterful lecture, Rudolph Glitz analyzes how childhood, youth, adulthood and old age have been conceptualized in the last 500 years of European history. The reader will perhaps be surprised to see how age, that universal experience that seems biologically so fixed, has been culturally so malleable.